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A modern person cannot imagine their life without TV. It is a source of interesting information, fun, and sometimes addiction. Everyone can find here something to the own taste. One may watch a documentary, a soap opera, a game show, a cartoon, news, etc. I do not often watch soap operas as I find them dull. Sometimes, I watch news or a documentary, for I like to learn about important events that just have happened in the world or about interesting people and historical events. As I am not a hot-tempered person, game shows, where people play games in order to win money or prizes, do not attract me very much. I like to learn useful information that can make my life easier and more beautiful.

One of my hobbies is fashion. There are a lot of TV programmes that give in-formation about the latest trends in this sphere. My favourite programme is “Your Style”. It is a weekly programme, and I try to watch it each time it appears on TV. It starts with giving the latest news from the world of fashion, and showing the most interesting collections of the famous designers. Then, fashion experts give their advice, how one may find their own style and look attractive. I have already learned how to combine the colours, how to choose the right length of a dress, how to look elegant and charming. Clothes influence our character and mood and form he first impression about us. That’s why it is so important for me to find my own style in clothes. They say, I always look attractive, elegant and fashionable. That’s because I am keen on fashion. They say, fashion is international. But how else could I learn about the latest fashion trends if there were no TV?

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