Learning foreign languages

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Foreign languages are absolutely necessary for people nowadays. More and more people of different professions decide to study foreign languages in order to raise their professional level. Making business nowadays means the ability to speak at least one foreign language. Among the most popular foreign languages in Russia are English, German, Spanish. French and Italian.

English is the language of business correspondence, many foreign newspapers and magazines, and communication between people of different nationalities all over the world. Reading foreign literature in the original, understanding foreign films without translation, making friends with people of other nationalities may make our intellectual and cultural horizons wider.

Foreign languages often bring new perspectives in career and private life. Many aspects of our Life, like science, entertainment, business, studying became international. Many Russians decide to receive good education, start their career or just spend some time abroad. Upon returning to Russia they are able to share their knowledge, experience and information gained abroad with their colleagues and friends.

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