Cities of the future

A.  Researchers recently gave 1,000 people a questionnaire about ‘Cities of The Future’. To answer the questions, the people had to imagine and describe what they thought our cities might look like in the year 2050. Interestingly, a large number of people were anxious that they would become ‘dark, dangerous places’, which had endless traffic jams… Continue reading Cities of the future

Engineering a solution to climate change

A.  Looking at the rate of climate change and the disastrous effects it is having on the world, scientists are concerned that we are acting too slowly. Many are now looking to geoengineering — large-scale human interventions to change the world’s climate — to counteract global warming. The schemes range from the mundane to science fiction… Continue reading Engineering a solution to climate change

The future of fish

The face of the ocean has changed completely since the first commercial fishers cast their nets and hooks over a thousand years ago. Fisheries intensified over the centuries, but even by the nineteenth century it was still felt, justifiably, that the plentiful resources of the sea were for the most part beyond the reach of… Continue reading The future of fish

Coinage in Ancient Greece

A.  There are more than 170 official national currencies currently in circulation around the world and while they may differ greatly in value, most show a high degree of commonality when it comes to their design. Typically, a coin or banknote will feature the effigy of a notable politician, monarch or other personality from the country… Continue reading Coinage in Ancient Greece